A spiritual healer from Birmingham took advantage of a second vulnerable woman, who had come to him seeking help with her marriage, by telling her that having sex with him would cure her marriage problems, a court has heard.


Syed Shah, 30, was jailed in October last year after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a woman he was supposed to be ‘healing’ but after the trial another victim came forward after seeing an article on a website on Shah sexually assaulting the woman.

Birmingham Crown Court heard this week that Shah told the 28-year-old woman, who had been going through problems in her marriage, that having intercourse with him would heal the marriage.


Prosecuting, Mark Heywood, said Shah “took advantage of the emotional state” of the victim.

“He took advantage of her for his own sexual and financial gratification.”

He went on to say the victim had been married for three years and had a young son and was suffering from post natal depression.

She was introduced to Shah in June 2015 by a friend of hers who told her the spiritual healer could help things “settle down” in the marriage.

Mr Heywood said: “After they met he offered to take steps to purify the relationship.

“He required £600 for a ritual sacrifice to be made”.

The victim paid Shah the money but later contacted Shah to him to tell him that nothing have improved in the marriage.

Shah then told the woman two further rituals had to be carried out and “part of that process was to have sex with him or the relationship would fail.”

Mr Heywood said the victim “endured” having sex with Shah after she was told it was the last resort.

The victim later contacted Shah again to tell him that things had not improved in her marriage and he told her she would have to have sex with him again.

She refused and told him that she would find another way to make things better in her marriage.

Shah continued to contact the woman telling her she needed to “resume physical contact” with him in order to make things work between her and her husband.

The woman eventually gave in and had sex with Shah again.

Mr Heywood said the woman had felt uncomfortable but was told by Shah that she should trust him.

He went on to say that Shah had “induced” her into believing he was a spiritual healer and “genuine consent” was not given on either of the occasions she had sexual intercourse with him

The victim also paid Shah £5,400 after he told her the man he worked for needed money to finance the work they were doing.

The victim only came forward after seeing an article on a website of Shah being jailed for two years for sexually assaulting another woman after telling her he was a spiritual healer.