Teacher jailed for drunken racist abuse towards fellow passengers aboard a flight

A teacher has been jailed for a drunken racist rant at fellow passenger and mocking a man with brain damage aboard a flight to Ibiza in September last year.

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Zareena Shaid, 24, was travelling to Ibiza with three friends when she launched a drunken tirade of abuse at passengers including telling a man who slurred his words due to a brain injury ‘you can’t even speak you f..king mong’ and threatened to ‘knock out’ another passenger.

She also called one passenger a “’f***ing n*****” after he told her to ‘just be quiet’

Police were eventually called before the flight took off and Zareena was frogmarched off the plane but not before sticking up a finger to all the passengers.

She was arrested and interviewed by police and during the interview she described herself as ‘eight and a half to nine out of ten’ drunk and said she didn’t have much recollection of what took place.

Prosecuting, Carl Miles, said: “According to witnesses the party had been drinking alcohol in the executive lounge.

“There’s an argument that commences between parties and racial language used by the defendant. The phrase ‘f*****g n****r’ was used towards a black man who said ‘just be quiet no one wants to listen to you’. She said ‘just shut up you n..er’.

Witness, Paris Chambers later told police: “I was left feeling physically sick and shocked.

“I was placed in fear for my safety and the Asian female in particular who was loud and aggressive.

”At the point she started racially abusing another passenger I felt there was something that needed to be done before we were trapped in the air with these passengers on board.”

Defending, Gary Lawrenson, told the court that the case forced her to quit her teaching job and was now working in JD sports.

He also said her family were left  ‘absolutely mortified’ by her actions.

Zareena pleaded guilty to being drunk on an aircraft, racially aggravated harassment and a public order offence.

The former pre-school teacher sobbed as she was led away in handcuffs after being jailed for 12-weeks by a judge who said her behaviour was ‘frankly disgusting’.

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