Teenager, Arayeb Saqib, 17, who has been described as a boy racer, has admitted causing the death of his friends while driving recklessly at high speeds.


The three friends who were killed, Hamzaa Jacob Iqbal, 24, Hamza Gujjar, 21, and 20-year-old Munib Afzal Karim, including Arayeb Saqib were on the way back from  Munib’s sisters wedding in Levenshulme, Manchester, when the crash took place.

Yesterday, Arayeb Saqib admitted three charges of causing death by dangerous driving, and one charge of causing serious injury by dangerous driving, at a Manchester Crown Court hearing this morning.

It emerged after the accident that Saqib had no licence and no insurance at the time of the accident but had hired the car for the celebrations.

Hamzaa Iqbal and Hamza Gujjar were pronounced dead at the scene while Munib passed away in the hospital the following day.

Emotional pictures released by Munib’s sister, Maria, showed her holding on to her brother’s hand as he took his last breaths.


After the accident Maria said: “I’m glad I was able to hold his hand throughout – and that I could rest my head on his chest, hearing his last heartbeats.

“He had a heart of gold and all he ever did was smile and make everyone laugh.”

She added: “He was the best person in the world. He was always messing about leaving a smile on everyone’s face.”

Police had seen the vehicle driving recklessly but decided against continuing the pursuit after the Audi S5 hit speeds of over 80mph.

The vehicle is said to have hit a ramp at high speed which caused it to lift off the ground and fly through the air, landing on the other side of the road.

Saqib lost control of the Audi as it skid sideways for over 100 meters eventually crashing into two parked cars causing the passengers deaths.

Saqib will now be sentenced on July 15, on the same day as his 18th birthday.

Saqib’s lawyers applied for bail saying: ‘It’s a sensitive case and a tragic case, but there have been no problems whilst he’s been on bail – he’s 17-years-of-age and it’s Ramadan.’

But Judge Martin Steiger refused, saying: ‘In a case involving a triple homicide it would not be appropriate to grant bail, and so the defendant is remanded in custody.’