Teenager Zameer Ahmed, 16, subjected his girlfriend to unimaginable torture sessions including waterboarding, physical assault, strangling her and forcing her to stand naked in the street a court has heard.


The teenager from Derby has now been sentenced to two years in detention and a training order after pleading guilty to assault causing actual bodily hard and engaging in controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate or family relationship over a three-month period.

Waterboarding technique involves tieing a person up and putting a cloth over their mouth and then pouring water over their nose and mouth which causes a terrifying feeling of drowning.

The torture that Ahmed put his girlfriend through was described as ‘barbaric’ and ‘brutal.’

Derby Crown Court heard that on one occasion Ahmed subjected his girlfriend, who cannot be named, to a “sustained and brutal assault, beginning in the morning and ending in the evening”.

Prosecutor Mark Watson said: “It started with the defendant punching her to the face, knocking out her tooth.

“It continued by this defendant taking a metal pipe from a vacuum cleaner.

“He used that to repeatedly hit her, until the pipe itself broke, even then he continued to use the splintered pipe to hit her, causing cuts.”

During that attack Ahmed also forced her to lie down in the bath and held her head under water.

Police were eventually contacted after the girl suffered another prolonged day of torture when the girl contacted her mum to pick her up.

Police were called and found “blood spattered on the bedroom wall, on bedding and the pillow” and part off a tooth was also recovered.

She was taken to hospital and treated for several injuries including bite marks on her cheek and chest, bruising over the shoulders, tender ribs, friction burns to her chin, a cut lip, and a broken tooth amongst other injuries.

She also told the police that Ahmed would continue to beat and torture her until he had no energy left.

Judge Ebraham Mooncey said: “This is a very serious case and when one looks at the facts, had you been an adult you would be looking at a very lengthy sentence indeed.

“All in all, you would have been leaving this court with six or seven years today.”

But the Judge said after taking his age into account and difficulties in his life a two-year sentence and a training order was appropriate.