Mohammed Islam, 19, has been jailed after he kidnapped a boy and told him he would kill him unless his family paid a ransom. He was only caught after the victim cunningly took the kidnappers half eaten chocolate Wispa bar which later linked him to the crime.


Mohammed Islam, used a girl to contact the ‘vulnerable’ victim on Facebook. The girl then told the victim to meet up in a flat in Birmingham, for ‘fun’.

Mohammed Islam and the girl, who has not been traced, deliberately targeted the 18-year-old who they thought would be easy pickings.

Once in the flat the victim had a knife held to his throat and his jumper pulled over his head so he could not see his attacker.

Mohammed Islam, then told the 18 year old victim he would kill him unless his family pay a ransom which would have to be transferred into the victims bank account.

He then made the victim contact his family to arrange a payment, but when the victims father only offered to transfer £150, Islam snatched the phone and told the father that if he did not transfer another £150 he ‘would stab his son.’

He then went to the cash machine with the victims bank card and pin to withdraw the money he had extorted.

But when Islam got back he made a further phone call to the father, telling him he had carried out the threat and stabbed his son and if a further £150 was not transferred he would stab him again.

The father, reduced to tears at this point, transferred another £150.

He then told the victim to contact friends and even his employer and ask them to transfer yet another £150 but they did not believe what was going on.

While the ordeal was going on, the attacker casually ate a Cadbury Wispa bar, which would later be used as evidence to link him to the crime.

A plastic bag was then placed over the victims head and the attacker led him to the lift in an attempt to move him to a different flat in case neighbours called the police.

The victim managed to grab hold of the half eaten Cadbury Wispa bar and managed to escape after making a run for it.

In a statement by the father he said the fear he felt while speaking with his kidnapped son would live with him forever.

He added: ‘I hope that no father ever has to go through what I went through.’

Traces of the DNA found on the chocolate bar directly matched Mohammed Islam’s DNA and he was also later picked out in an identification parade.

Islam pleaded guilty to robbery, false imprisonment and blackmail after evidence against him was brought forward and he was sentenced to eight years in prison, with a three-year licence.

Jailing him at Birmingham Crown Court on Friday, Judge Simon Drew QC said: ‘This was an horrific series of offences committed against a victim seriously traumatised by what took place.

‘It is difficult to imagine what it must be like for someone to find themselves in a vulnerable and intimidating situation.

‘Text messages recovered from your phone revealed the true nature of the planning that had taken place, you deliberately identified a vulnerable victim.

‘I hope the eight-year prison term gives him some time out to think about the effects of his actions on the family, as well as serving a stark warning to anyone wishing to carry a knife on the streets.’