Arayeb Saqib, 18, was jailed for six years yesterday after pleading guilty in a previous hearing to three counts of death by dangerous driving which led to the death of his three close friends.


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He admitted killing Hamzaa Jacob Iqbal, 24, from Burnage, Hamza Gujjar, 21, from Bramhall, and Munib Afzal Karim, 20, of Heald Green, after losing control of a hired Audi S5 while driving back from Mr Karims sisters wedding.

It was mentioned in court that Arayeb Saqib was illegally driving a high-powered Audi S5 so fast that it became airborne after he lost control.

He had no licence and no insurance at the time of the crash and told nurses at the hospital he was a passenger in the vehicle.

He was jailed yesterday on his 18th birthday for six years and banned from driving for eight years.

Police had spotted the vehicle driving at high speeds and started to give pursuit at around 3:15am on April 27 but moments later it smashed into two parked cars and a street sign.

Two of the passengers, Mr Hamza and Mr Iqbal, were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash while Mr Karim was taken to hospital but passed away the following day.

Saqib did not hire the car himself and only met his friends to bring them back from the wedding which he did not attend himself.

Police Constable Paul Joynson said: “This was a tragic set of circumstances in which three young men lost their lives.

“Arayeb Saqib was 17 at the time of the collision and was in no way experienced enough to drive such a high powered car.

“Unfortunately, young people driving high powered rented vehicles which they aren’t experienced enough to handle is a problem that we are facing with increasing frequency.

“Often these vehicles will have been rented for some sort of event by somebody who will let a younger person drive them without realising that they are not insured nor are they able to drive safely.

“Saqib’s attempts to show off to his friends in a high powered car directly resulted in their death and he will have to live with that on his conscience for the rest of his life.

“I hope this incident will serve as a reminder of the risk and potential consequences that come with driving dangerously.”