‘They called me Michael Jackson’: Faryal talks about feud on TV as Shah Khan calls her ‘attention seeker’

The Khan family feud has continued to worsen as Faryal and Shah Khan appear on TV and radio and continue to bash each other while Amir Khan remains silent.



Faryal, who is currently on a charity tour with her husband, made an appearance on ITV’s This Morning show (below) to talk about the ongoing feud.

She told ITV’s This Morning: ‘Being so young and getting married into a very big family and then having to hear in the media about Amir in the beginning, I had a rough time reading that, I was pregnant and I had my in-laws… it was just a mess.

‘Over the years Amir’s brother and sister went on Twitter rants, went on Instagram rants talking about me saying I don’t get along with them, saying I’m very fake, saying I’ve done plastic surgery, calling me Michael Jackson – I was a pregnant woman; reading all that was not really nice.

‘Anyway, I used to take it in, I was very, very patient about it – I thought my silence would probably make them stop.

‘Just recently I think it just started to build up, build up, build up, and I had done a catwalk and I was very proud of myself, Amir was very, very supportive and proud of me and I had seen Amir’s youngest sister had said something like “dog walk” and made a comment and laughed about it.

‘It really, really hurt me, because when I didn’t work and I used to just stay home I was called a “golddigger”, I was called “I’m with Amir for his money”.’

Earlier in the week Faryal posted a Snapchat of Amir’s brother supposedly lying on the floor drunk.

Faryal apologised on Snapchat shortly after saying: “Hey guys I wanted to apologise for the picture I put up earlier. I was a bit angry and I felt like I needed to justify myself.”

Meanwhile, Shah Khan, in response to Faryal’s interview told BBC Asian Network that he does not see the row stopping and described it as an embarrassment.

He said, “It’s an embarrassment to be honest.

“Amir was right in saying ‘drop everything.’ And look what his wife goes and does. She goes on national television.

“If she had any decency to patch things up, she should have picked up the phone to us to say, listen guys, whatever’s happened, whatever I posted, that’s the end of it.

“But no, she goes on national television. Faryal is an attention seeker.

“This is the last piece I am going to do with anybody. We don’t want to get involved.”

”She should call us. She started all of this. She is the one who has abused the family.”

“Tell me one thing I have said wrong about her.

“I asked Amir to tell Faryal ‘wear what you want, but please don’t put it on social media.’

“There’s a difference between asking and telling. The amount of abuse she (Faryal) got on social media hurt us.

“People were calling her all sorts of names when she was wearing certain clothes.”

“I hope this matter comes to an end. I don’t want any more of this crap flying around.”

“She needs to stop all this. She  needs to pick up the phone and apologise for what she did.”

During another interview Shah called his daughter-in-law ‘a very evil woman’ who is ‘fame hungry.’

Amir Khan has remained silent during the feud and is in negotiations for his next fight against Kell Brook.

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