Three people were today found guilty over killing of Birmingham music shopkeeper, Tanveer Iqbal, whose body was found in the boot of his own car. Zatoon Bibi and Gul Nawaz were earlier sentenced to life imprisonment.


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These are the first pictures released of Tanveer’s mistress, Zatoon Bibi, who has been convicted for his murder.

Zatoon Bibi, aged 37, Gul Nawaz, 44, and their teenage son, Kashim Naqaz, all denied his murder.

Mr Iqbal’s body was found in a television box in the back of his grey Renault Clio in Birmingham on February 1.

The court was told that he had been in a relationship with Bibi, who at the time was married to Nawaz.

Mr Iqbal and his mistress, Zatoon Bibi, 37, had a ‘unconventional and complicated domestic relationship’ which went on for several years.

Both of their spouses were ‘fully aware’ of their relationship and had even met each other as ‘sisters’.

The court heard the trouble started when Mr Iqbal had banned the spouses from contacting each other because he believed Zatoon Bibi was trying to cause trouble between him and his wife.

Prosecuter QC Sally Howes said: ‘At one stage Zatoon Bibi sent a video message to Nasreen of a sexual nature, involving Mr Iqbal.

At this point Mr Iqbal told Zatoon Bibi that their relationship was over and he would not be seeing her again and would instead continue his life with his wife.

Zatoon Bibi then tried to get back with Mr Iqbal by sending him a series of text messages begging him not to leave her.

Zatoon Bibi then hatched a plan to lure Mr Iqbal to her house by telling him that she had made him a cake for his birthday, which he had celebrated the previous day.

Her ex-husband, Gul Nawaz, told the court that she killed Mr Iqbal because he was trying to blackmail her over naked pictures that he had taken of her.

Nawaz had claimed that he woke up to answer a telephone call when he saw his wife dragging a television box into the kitchen with a body inside.

He claimed that when he asked her what was going on, she replied: “he has made my life hell. He’s got dirty pictures on the phone. He’s blackmailing me.”

Zatoon bibi and Gul Nawaz showed no emotion as they were jailed for life by the judge, with a minimum of 27 years and 25 years behind bars respectively.

Their son, Kashim Nawaz, was a handed a minimum six-year prison term for his role in the killing