Amir Khan, 31, of Bacup road, Rawtenstall, has been jailed for twenty months after pleading guilty to beating his ex girlfriend unconscious on two occasions.


The court heard how he became jealous and enraged because he thought she was cheating on his with another man.

He subjected her to a vicious assault, repeatedly punching her and then bringing down a chest of drawers on to her head causing her to lose consciousness.

When police arrested Khan he told them ‘What would you do if you found your missus doing what she was doing?’

Burnley Crown Court also heard the 31 year old told officers ‘I am a **** for what I did. I shouldn’t have done it’.

Prosecutor Stephen Parker told the court Khan turned up drunk at the victims home and started to argue with her.

The prosecutor went on to say the victim gave Khan a can of lager ‘hoping that being civil with him might placate the situation’, however he ‘became irate and was getting mad’.

He then ‘flipped and started going crazy’ as he followed her to the bedroom where he attacked her.

Mr Parker said he then started to punch the victim whose only recollection was Khan ‘standing over her raining blows down on her face’.

He continued the assault kicking her to the ribs and then hit her repeatedly over the head with a chest of drawers which caused the victim to lose consciousness.

When the victim regained consciousness she fled to a neighbour’s house for help.

When police arrived they saw the victim ‘in tears and covered in blood with a large amount of swelling to her face’.

The victim told the police ‘he kept hitting me, he was going to kill me’.

The officers then went to Mr Khans home were they found him ‘clearly drunk’ with blood ‘all over his hands’.

He told the officers ‘I’m here. I waited for you’.

Khan, who has 11 previous convictions including offences of battery, pleaded guilty to ABH and was jailed for 20 months with a five-year restraining order.