A group of youtubers have conducted a social experiment on a UK Beach to see people’s reactions to a man dressed as a police officer asking a woman to remove her burkini.

The burkini ban in France has become a controversial issue that has received a huge backlash across Europe.

In the video (below) a man dressed as a police officer approaches a Muslim woman who is sitting down and asks her to remove the burkini.

He says: “You’re not allowed to wear it at the beach. You look like a terrorist. I’m afraid you’re wearing it because you’re oppressed.”

The woman replies: “I’m not going to take anything off. I’m allowed to wear whatever I want.

“How am I any different to anyone who’s wearing anything else? This is racial profiling.

“You can’t say this to me. I don’t feel oppressed at all.”

The man then tries to pull the woman’s headscarf off which angers other beach goers as they gather around the police officer.

A woman can be heard saying: “You can’t do that. It’s not what terrorists wear.

“She’s obviously a Muslim. Do not discriminate against her religion. You can’t do that. That’s bulls***.”

When the scene is exposed as a social experiment, she says: “My heart stopped beating. I’m so happy (that it wasn’t real). I’m going to cry.”