Two bungling burglars who tried burgling two neighboring shops within 20 minutes are jailed for 12 weeks

Two burglars who tried to rob two neighboring shops within twenty minutes because they did not get enough from the first shop have been jailed for 12 weeks.

From left are volunteers Javeria Haroon, Rizwana Kauser and Sadaf Nawaz
From left are volunteers Javeria Haroon, Rizwana Kauser and Sadaf Nawaz

Anthony Fearnley and Joseph Hindle broke in to the Ice Box ice cream parlour in Heywood Street, Bury on June 24th and stole a Playstation 4 console and a charity collection box among other items worth a total of £500.

The pair of crooks ran off but decided to go back to the scene of the crime 20 minutes later to try and burgle the shop next door.

Police were already called for the first break in and caught the pair of crooks red handed as they attempted their second robbery after only 20 minutes. Police were surprised to find the pair had with them the items they stole during their first robbery.

One volunteer said she remembers the pair of dumb crooks coming in a few days prior to the robbery asking suspicious questions like: ‘What do you sell?’

Both men admitted theft at Manchester magistrates and were each jailed for 12 weeks.

Ice Box is run by volunteers and all profits they make selling ice cream goes to charity. Youngsters from around the area visit the social hub for homework classes and to socialise with other youngster.

Magistrates called the robbery “nasty burglary of a charity” and only a custodial sentence could be justified for the pair.

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