Two people were arrested following a English Defence League rally outside a mosque in Birmingham on Saturday.

A group of 30-40 EDL members gathered outside the mosque and started to chant racist and Islamophobic chants at passersby who were attending the mosque to pray.

The also waved the St George Flag which had an offensive slogan printed on it about refugees.

A video (scroll down) posted by a witness who was attending the mosque to pray, shows the EDL members chanting vile, racist, Islamophobic chants while the police try and keep them separated from mosque goers on the other side of the road

Police later said that there were no reports of disorder or injuries but a 30-year-old man was arrested for the offensive banner.

Another EDL member was arrested for an unrelated matter.

A police officer also later said: ‘We had been planning for these events for the past month and we were confident the rally would be peaceful.’

Birmingham City Council member Waseem Zaffer, said: ‘This is no was to behave in society.’

“There’s been a rise in Islamphobia and there’s going to be a bigger challenge because of the EU Referendum, not just the way the campaign happened but the result may give oxygen to certain far right groups.”