Wife-beater who avoided jail by claiming he had contract with cricket club invented the story ‘to avoid jail’

Leicestershire County Cricket Club has contacted the Crown Prosecution Service after a wife-beater was spared a jail sentence by claiming he would be employed as a professional player by Leicestershire County Cricket Club if he was spared a custodial sentence.


Mustafa Bashir, 34, was given a suspended sentence last week after claiming he was offered a contract just before his arrest, and would be able to play for Leicestershire County Cricket Club on the condition that he was not jailed.

The court had heard he beat his wife with his own cricket bat and forced her to drink bleach while urging her to kill herself but the judge decided that he did not pass the custody threshold because his wife was ‘not a vulnerable person.’

Judge Richard Mansell QC has been criticised by domestic abuse campaigners after he reportedly said Miss Karim was not vulnerable because she was intelligent.

A statement published on the club’s website on Wednesday said: “After Monday’s widely reported claim by Mustafa Bashir in his plea of mitigation following his conviction of actual bodily harm against his wife, that he had been offered a playing contract by Leicestershire County Cricket Club, the club have taken immediate steps to bring to the attention of the authorities that Bashir’s claim was wholly false.

“The club’s legal advisers emailed a letter to Bashir’s legal team reiterating that the club had never spoken or had any contact with Bashir or offered him a job.

“They also contacted the CPS to arrange for the club’s chief executive, Wasim Khan, to give a statement to the same effect.

“This has now been given to Manchester Police and they and the CPS will now be taking this matter forward.”

Leicestershire CCC chief executive Wasim Khan said: “Leicestershire CCC are appalled that Bashir could have invented a job offer from the club in order, it would seem, to evade a prison sentence.

“The club are actively involved in the fight against domestic abuse and had already arranged a ‘Bowling Out Domestic Violence’ cricket match in September in support of the White Ribbon Campaign, set up to tackle domestic violence.

“So Bashir’s claim was deeply disturbing for the club and we will continue to do what we can to support the authorities bring about justice.”

On Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the CPS said: “We are aware of recent developments relating to this case and are currently considering our options.”

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