Kiran Sheikh, 22, was dumped in a telephone box in 1994 by her mother when she was just two hours old and was rescued by a Nigerian man who went to use the telephone box in Newham, East London.


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She is now hoping she can find the man who found her after twenty-two years so she can finally thank him for possibly saving her life.

Kiran discovered her past at the age of 18 after becoming suspicious because she did not look like her parents.

She was told her biological mother was in a violent relationship and had left her in a telephone box soon after giving birth to her.

A man named ‘John’ or ‘Joe Campbell’ found her in the telephone box after he went to make a phone call to his family back in Nigeria.

The man then made sure the child was safe and unhurt before handing her over to the police who launched an appeal to find the baby’s mother.

The man kept in touch with the child, sending gifts, letters and birthday cards, until social services told him to cut ties with the little girl.

The baby was named after the month she was born, April, by hospital staff but renamed Kiran after she was adopted by a Pakistani couple.

Kiran said: ‘My (biological) mum told police she was in a really abusive relationship which is why she had to give me up. He was violent, angry and a stalker. He was always following her and wouldn’t let her go anywhere.

‘When I was born she wrapped me up and made me really warm and she ran with me and left me in the phone box. It was then that a man came to make a telephone call to his home country and saw me there.’

‘Social services wouldn’t let him know my name or anything. He sent me cards and was actually interested in me. What he did was so sweet. If I saw him I would just thank him. I would also try to find out what exactly happened that night. I am just so grateful.’

‘It has been difficult but now I am really focused on finding the man who rescued me from the phone box so I say thank you. The main purpose is to get to him. And if I’m lucky, my mum may want to contact me too.’