A woman has told a jury at Cardiff Crown Court of her shock at finding ‘hundreds’ of videos of different woman having sex with an Asian taxi driver accused of blackmailing her.

Farhan Mirza

Farhan Mirza, 38, stands trial for secretly filming three woman he had targeted and then threatening to blackmail them and bring shame on them by releasing the footage unless they gave him money and gifts.

The first victim, a Pakistani-born woman who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the jury that it was almost two years into their relationship when she found the sex videos on Mirza’s laptop along with ‘hundreds’ of other videos and pictures of different woman.

She said: ‘I was shocked – it was full of pornographic material’

“Different women having sex with him. He didn’t have one or two – there were hundreds of them. I was there too.

“There were stills and videos. These were his photographs and videos

“I had no idea that he was filming when we were together, or had hidden cameras. Never, ever would I have consented to that.”

“As far as my family is concerned they would be extremely concerned about it. First because I did it and second because I made a video about it,” she said.

The court was told the woman had met Mirza in October 2011 through a member of his family.

He told her he was an IT manager for NHS contractor Sodexo, his brother was head of security at Heathrow Airport, his sister was a doctor and his father a director of a utility company in Pakistan.

“Everything was a lie,” she told the court.

She went on tell the court he demanded large sums of money from her including £25,000 which he said he needed to renovate his property and £15,000 to buy a BMW.

She said it was two years into their relationship he threatened to post the video online unless she gave him money.

Not knowing if he was telling the truth about the video, the victim went through his laptop and found a video of her having sex with him along with ‘hundreds’ of other videos of ‘Different women having sex with him’.

When she confronted him about the video he allegedly told her: ‘This was to keep women like you in her place and keep her on a straight path. I can send it to your family members and if you don’t give in to my demands’.

She said: “I was really shocked. He said ‘I have got the email address of your family members and work colleagues’.”

The court was earlier told that he tried to blackmail two other woman who he met on the Muslim Matrimonial website Shaadi.com.

Mirza denies four charges of blackmail, three of voyeurism, one of theft and one of fraud by false representation.

The trial continues.