A 29-year-old who received hate comments about her weight on a photo her friend posted on Facebook has lost an incredible 42 kilograms in just 10 months.


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Harshi Suraweera, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, decided to make a complete lifestyle change after the hate comments left her devastated and depressed

Ms Suraweera wrote on her blog: ‘My first step to changing my lifestyle started with a certain photo on Facebook.’

‘A friend had uploaded a group photo , and I got a lot of negative comments about the way I looked.’

‘I was devastated and depressed. But I decided to take the first step in changing my body from that day onwards.’

‘I started my weight loss journey by doing intensive cardio. I initially started going to the gym 4 days a week then increased it to 6 days a week.’

‘I ate healthy organic foods. I avoided all sugar and carbohydrates. I also stayed away from processed foods and all takeaway foods aswell.’

After only a few weeks of training she noticed changes in her body and skin tone which gave her the motivation to carry on the grueling workouts which involved cardio for two or three hours a day.

‘The results I saw within myself was my biggest motivation in achieving my goals.’ she said.

She also changed her diet from eating curry’s and pizza and a litre of coke everyday to salads and protein which was a key part in her weight loss journey.

Ms Suraweera started sharing her before and after pictures on Instagram to motivate others and has attracted over 70,000 followers.

When asked for advice from others who also want to lose weight, she said: ‘The most important thing is to take that first step.’

‘The results are not going to happen overnight, patience is key.’

Keep pushing and once you see results that will be your motivation.’

Ms Suraweera also said that she lost the 42 kilograms in 2011 but has since embraced weight lifting to tone and sculpt her physique to how she looks today.