A father-of-two who died after being shot by police at the junction of the M62 at Ainley Top, just north of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, was targeted by balaclava-clad gunmen in 2015, it was revealed.


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Yassar Yaqub and another man suffered multiple pellet wounds when a masked man fired a long barreled shot-gun at Mr Yaqub’s property in 2015.

It was reported at the time that children as young as two ran screaming when they saw the gunman who was with a second man carrying a knife.

Both men were taken to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary with one of them suffering wounds to his shoulder, arm and leg and the other to his elbow, back and calf with the injuries described as non life-threatening.

One witness said at the time: ‘I saw two men with balaclavas on. One had a rifle type gun and the other a machete type knife.’

Yaqub and his family later installed up to 10 surveillance cameras at their home in Crosland Moor, Huddersfield.

Mr Yaqub was also previously cleared of attempted murder and those who knew him claim he was a drug dealer and was feared on the street.

Former associate Chris Bean, 26, claimed Mr Yaqub had previously fired a gun at him but missed.

He said: “Yassar is horrible. I’ve been through hell and back with him. I’ve seen people saying he’s a nice guy – that’s a load of bull.

“He managed to afford his Lambo by laundering money – he was such a flashy g*t.”

“Yassar used to buy high-powered sports cars and sell them on for profit – all funded by drug money.”

“He had it all locked down and would fly drugs into HMP Leeds at Armley with drones and make 10 times what he was making on the outside.”

Adding: “If you throw a pebble in the town of Huddersfield you are not two yards away from Yassar.”

“I’ve moved out of the town now you see – I had to leave Huddersfield in a hurry because my brother ripped Yasser off with a few ounces of weed and he wanted to kill him.

“They said they would kill my mother – so I got out as soon as possible.

“They saw me and shot off three rounds which missed during a drive-by shoot out.”

Mr Yaqub had one previous run in with the law when in September 2009 a shotgun was fired at two men in Birkby.

Yaqub stood trial for attempted murder in 2010 but was found not guilty of two counts of attempted murder after the case was thrown out due to inconsistencies in evidence from a key witness.

Mr Yaqub was killed when police acting on a tip-off relating to the criminal possession of a firearm opened fire on his vehicle.

What exactly took place before and immediately after the shooting remains unclear and is being investigated by the IPCC.

The IPCC confirmed a gun was found in the vehicle that Mr Yaqub was travelling in.