A 20-year-old was stabbed and killed in a cinema car-park because he made ‘eye contact’ with a group of strangers claims his devastated girlfriend.


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Hosam Eisa, 20, was set upon by up to four teenagers in Romford’s Brewery shopping centre, before one of them pulled out a knife.

His devastated partner Salma Begum, 19, has said she was “paralysed by fear” and “could not move, scream or run away” during the attack.

A number of passers-by tried to help the teenager after he was stabbed and administered first aid before he was taken to hospital, but sadly passed away an hour later.

Mr Eisa’s stabbing brings the total number of fatal stabbings in London to 14 this month.

His girlfriend Miss Begum said: “We were together when four boys approached us. Hosam didn’t know them, I have no doubt about this.

“They made eye contact, they became immediately aggressive and a fight broke out.

“They started to beat him and Hosam tried to defend himself, but he was alone against four boys. I was completely paralysed by fear. I could not move, scream or run away.

“A man tried to help, but then one of the four pulled out a knife and stabbed Hosam. Then they fled running and other people arrived to give us aid, but it was too late.”

A manager of a local shop who tried to help the man said: “He was stabbed on the left side either on the heart or close to it. He was trying to speak but he didn’t manage to say anything. He was struggling to breathe.

“After everything had happened I gave his girlfriend a cuddle and said ‘I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything more.’ Washing his blood off my hands has got to be the worst moment of my life.”

Tributes were paid to the 20-year-old on social media after his death.

One friend wrote: “Thanks for being an older brother, always ready to help me. Thanks for everything. Still can’t believe you’re no longer here but hope to see you again up there.”

Another said: “I talked to you few days ago and now I’m still shocked I’m not going be able to talk to you anymore. Thanks for all those moments together.”

Detective Chief Superintendent Michael Gallagher, who leads the Met’s anti-knife initiative Operation Sceptre, said: “We are an enforcement agency and we’re not the best fit to this societal problem. Londoners recognise this and they do recognise that we’re not going to solve it on our own.”

Che Pullen, 19, of Romford, and a 17-year-old boy will appear at the Old Bailey on Tuesday charged with Mr Eisa’s murde