Youtube prankster Hstar Vlogs was met with a mix of emotions from the public after he caused quite a stir slapping unsuspecting motorists with parking tickets on their cars in his new prank video (below).

The videos shows Hstar popping out of nowhere to slap the ticket on motorists cars who are left bewildered and angry as they argue and question the fine.

Hstar doesn’t help diffuse the situation as he replies stubbornly and walks away.

One of the motorists brands the ticket ‘outrageous’ before eventually opening the ticket to realise it was a prank.

He can be seen yelling “I’ve got 15 minutes” and asking for Hstar’s name and number.

His reaction is then priceless when he opens the tickets and discovers it was all a joke.

Hstar Vlogs said it was a ‘social experiment’ and wrote on YouTube that “the response was epic”.

All the prank victims were left with a smile on their faces after opening the fake ticket to find a £5 pound note with the message: ‘Smile, treat yourself to a coffee.’

Hstar says he is trying to spread positivity and happiness with his videos and can be followed on his YouTube channel